THE OPENING UP TO YOUR PSYCHIC SELF TAPE ALBUM is a companion home study course to the books OPENING UP TO YOUR PSYCHIC SELF and WHAT IS YOUR PSI-Q? by Petey Stevens. Petey has selected twenty exercises using the HEARTSONG METHOD taken from the curriculum at Heartsong Center for Expanded Perception in Albany, Ca. From 1976 to 1991 over 30,000 students took classes in psychic development including clairvoyant reading, psychic healing and regression work. It is suggested that you set up a private meditation space and time for yourself when you will not be interrupted. The tapes are intentionally recorded without background music to replicate the same wordless psychic ambiance as experienced during a Heartsong class or workshop. This allows you the freest expression of your own pure soul's essence to emerge. May the wings of your spirit join the heart of your body.

There are 10 subjects covered with 2 meditations each

Meditation Energy Circuitry
Twelve Chakras Aura
Pictures Cleaning Out
Self Protection Personal Creation
Healing Yourself Co-Creation

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