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Petey will be offering email readings for those who would like an in-depth reading on whatever areas in your life you desire insight about.

If you live in the San Franscisco Bay Area and would like a personal reading from Petey, please call (415) 388-4222 to make an appointment.

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You can order a 15 minute reading for $50 (1-2 questions), 1/2 hour reading for $100 (3-4 questions) or a 1 hour reading for $200 (5-6 questions). Petey will channel through email for the length of time you order. Keep your questions short . If you are in the San Francisco Bay area, in person readings are available as well, (415) 388-4222

You can purchase the reading on our secure server using your credit card. We use the Cybercash credit card system and have a Verisign certificate providing total security for your purchase. After you complete the purchase form you will receive a confirmation email with the amount charged to your credit card. You will receive an email reading back within 2 days sent to the email address filled in the purchase form.. If you have any problems you can reach us at 415 388 4222 and ask for Norm.

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