1. Are you self governed and strongly committed to your everyday life, able to focus on what you are doing right now without being distracted or overly influenced by another's opinions, ideas or desires of how you should or could live your life?
2. Do you consider yourself as "thin skinned", "overly emotional", "hysterical", "emotionally out of control", cry or anger easily?
3. Do you seem to have and endless supply of energy, consider yourself a type "A" personality or even nervous or hyperactive?
4. Have you felt as if you have experienced certain present moment events, like a repetition even though you may not be able to recall when or how?
5. Can you move an object without physically touching it seemingly with force of a hidden power?
6. Are you forgetful, seem spaced out and/or as if your were "out of your body" watching yourself?
7. Do you have daydreams of past and/or future events?
8. Do you openly love and accept yourself and others with a positive and forgiving attitude having no preconceived requirements or conditions as to how this love should be?
9. Do you share a deep caring for other's pain, suffering, enthusiasm, joy, or sorrow as if it were your own, while honoring and maintaining your own autonomy?
10. Do you experience a oneness and peace with yourself and others, animals, and/or the whole GOD spirit?
11. Does it seem as if you could "smell trouble" or have you experienced the "smell of Death" just before someone dies?
12. Does your tone of voice affect others by inspiring, catalyzing, soothing or disturbing them?
13. Do you talk to yourself either out loud or within the privacy of your head?
14. Do you hear music seemingly inside your head, have invisible friends, speak to a guardian angel or spirit guide?
15. Do you say the same thing as someone else at the same time or what another is thinking, as if you are hearing their thoughts inside your own head?
16. Do you have dreams, either night dreams or day dreams of events before they happen?
17. Can you foretell the future?
18. Do you have keen visual insights about people and life situations?
19. Do you have visions or remember living in another century?
20. Do you have a special rapport and understanding of animals, plants, other species or have you had an experience with alien beings from another planet?
21. Can you get images or visualize in your mind, scenes, events and/or people that are physically far away from you?
22. Do you have extreme and/or possibly out of your control personality shifts?
23. Do you believe that either yourself or another can heal minor or major physical or mental problems?
24. Do you get answers to emotional, physical or mental problems without deliberately and rationally thinking them through to a solution?
25. When you touch an object can you get information about it's history, previous owner or creator as if your hands are picking up the information?
26. Are you able to find underground water or minerals with the use of stick or your mind?
27. Does your handwriting change from moment to moment as if someone else is writing instead of you?
28. Are your hands warm and soothing when you put them together or touch another?
29. Do you feel as if you part of the Earth?

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